Shastri Courses

A Student who has passed either Uttar Madhyama or Prak–Shastri or equivalent examination with Sanskrit may be admitted to Shastri , which is a three-year course. This corresponds to B.A.(Hons) in Sanskrit in modern education.

For Admission To Course
Prak Shastri or Uttar – Madhyama of the Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan or an equivalent examination recognized by the Sansthan or Senior Secondary (12th standard of 10+2 system) with Sanskrit from a recognised Education Board.


Name of the Sansthan’s Examination Equivalent Examinations in the modern system of Education
Shastri B.A /B.A (Hons.)
First Year In Sanskrit
Second Year In Sanskrit
Third Year In Sanskrit

Subjects to be studied

(I). Vyakarnam (Ist Year) , Sahityam (IInd Year), Darshanam (IIIrd Year)

(II). English

(III). Hindi/Any Regional Language

(IV). Pol.Sc/Darshanam/History/Economics/Sociology/Hindi Litt./ English Litt.

(V+VI). Vyakarnam /Prachin Vyakarnam /Sahityam /Sarvadarshanam /Sidhanta-Jyotisham /Phalit-Jyotisham /Navya-Nyaya/Mimansa /AdvaitVedanta/ Dharamshastra /Vishishtadvaita /Vedanta /Samkhya-Yoga /Paurohityam /Shukla-Yajurvedah /Ramanand Vedantah /Jainism / Puranetihasah /Bauddha Darshanam .


1. Only one Shastra is to be opted out of 18 Shastras mentioned above which will have two papers V & VI.

2. The Subject opted in Ist year has to be continued in IInd & IIIrd Year also.